Line Free Mobile Checkout

FutureProof Retail develops technology that brings the personalization and convenience of shopping to your customer's mobile device

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Let your customers save time & skip the line

“I LOVE the mobile checkout. I have been telling others about it who don’t normally shop at CA Fresh; it is a selling point for your store. :-) It works great when you have a couple items and you just want to get in and out quickly.”
Madeleine, Shopper

Self-Scanning, Mobile Checkout Solution is a Win Win For Your Business

Your customers save time by skipping the line. You earn more profit by gaining efficiencies and reducing store operational costs.

“LOVE IT! Two kids in a checkout line is just about my least favorite thing, so this is an amazing option. My new go-to way to shop. I'll spread the word!”
Cory, Shopper

Multiple Deployment Options

deployment options

Universal App

The platform includes an unbranded generic shopper app which can be used to discover and buy from multiple retailers.

Whitelabel App

Retailers can deepen the customer relationship and own the install by deploying the platform as their own brand.

Best of Both Worlds

Whitelabel retailers get optional universal app service for free, allowing them to own the install while bringing new shoppers in the door.

"Watching customers interact with the app was so gratifying, they were just giddy with the ease and simplicity of changing the least fun aspect of grocery shopping, mainly the interminable waiting in line to checkout.
Alfred Holzheu President, El Rancho Marketplace



Shopping with the App

Using their phones customers can scan and bag while they shop, order from service counters like the deli, and buy produce and bulk items with special scales.

Line Free Checkout

Customers skip the checkstand and instead scan a QR code on their way out of the store. A signal lets the front-end know who’s paid and who needs help.

Customer Service Satisfaction

Customers rate and respond to their experiences through the app, so issues get resolved fast, not displayed on social media.



More Throughput, More Sales

Customers can visit more often and buy more when they spend their time shopping instead of waiting to checkout.

Smarter and Timelier Offers

Make offers really count by reaching customers at their moment of decision. Use unique targeting data like the current basket contents to ensure offers are relevant and appreciated

Clean Technology, Clean Business

Cloud based software as a service. Flat rate or transaction fee models available. No expensive hardware, minimum setup costs and month to month contracts. No lock-ins.

"For retailers, it is no longer just about understanding how consumers are shopping or buying. It is about first understanding how consumers are using technology in their everyday lives, and then deploying technology to embed the retail brand as an indispensable part of their lifestyles."
Gartner, 27TH Annual Retail Technology Study