Loss Prevention

Prevent abuse of self scanning capabilities by shoppers or staff.


Identified Customers

In addition to information gathered from the shopper’s use of the app, all shoppers provide a self identification photo. The photo serves to protect the shopper’s account from theft and aid staff in identifying them during customer service interactions. It is also a powerful deterrent to misbehavior in the store, and if misbehavior does occur, simplifies use of security footage and response.


Loss Prevention Checkpoint

The line free checkout process can be configured with an optional LP checkpoint. At the completion of shopping customers must scan a QR code located at the checkpoint. Their purchase is either immediately approved or flagged for an audit.
In an audit the checkout beacon calls the nearest available staff member to assist the customer. The audit process requires the staff member to confirm items from the shopper’s bag are on their purchase list, using a tablet or other staff device. The number of items for the staff member to check can be tuned from all items to just a few.
Audits are focussed where they’re needed by an algorithm which takes into account each shopper’s history and can be customized per store location. Failing an audit results in more audits, while passing results in less - rewarding your best customers with more convenience.

Tools for loss prevention officers

Tools for Loss Prevention Officers

LP officers can track customer’s activity in real time, knowing who scanned what and when. Officers get two new ways to resolve ambiguous situations: They can supercharge a greeting to the shopper by including their name, for example “Hi Will, can I help you find anything today?” They can also discretely flag a shopper - ensuring the shopper will be audited at the checkpoint while avoiding confrontation and without alerting them.

Internal Visibility

All Staff activity is automatically logged and tagged with their account PIN number or email address. This allows for manual and algorithmic identification of sweethearting and other schemes, and aids in investigation and resolution.

Mobile self scanning

Mobile Self Scanning

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System management

System Management

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