Marketing Tools

Increase sales with weekly specials in the app, coupons, loyalty, personalized recommendations and in-store navigation.

Take Advantage of Unique Marketing Opportunities Provided by Mobile Checkout

Unique data such as basket contents, order info, and even items shoppers changed their mind about can drive marketing actions. Recommendations and offers can be tailored to each unique shopper and each unique basket. Traditional circular specials are brought to life with push notifications and pre-checkout reminders.

Weekly Specials

An improvement on the traditional circular, the Mobile Checkout app makes specials more visible, relevant and timely. Customers can save favorite deals and specials to remember them later, and see the savings applied to their total while they shop. They will get reminders if they want to checkout and still have a saved special they have not scanned.

Retailers can include the specials in their weekly ad in three ways:

  • A link to a pdf of the weekly flyer on the home screen and in the app menu
  • Showing specials directly on the home screen
  • Showing specials in the specials menu.



Digital Coupons and Loyalty Rewards

The Mobile Checkout app supports digital coupons that can require clipping or be applied automatically. Coupons can be set up in the Merchant Control Center, get imported from the POS or back office systems or be applied in realtime via a link to the retailer’s loyalty system.

Smart Recommendations

Reach customers at the point of decision by pushing basket based suggestions for higher margin items. E.g. if a customer scans a bag of chips, recommend store brand salsa. Recommendations can be triggered via linked items or for better conversion be personalized using AI-based recommendations through our partnership with Halla.



In-Store Navigation & Tracking

Retailers who have location detection e.g. bluetooth beacons deployed in their stores it is possible to filter locations by proximity to the customer to further increase basket lift. Customers will see recommendations for items close to them and can also see how to get to the product in the app. Retailers can also see where customers scanned items in the store.

Modular and Adaptable Solutions

A full set of tools meets a wide range of retail requirements.

Self Scanning App

Everyone hates waiting in line, just 3-5 minutes can feel like an eternity. Our mobile checkout app eliminates the lines.

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Staff App

View transactions in real time, audit purchases, provide customer service,and fulfill orders, in the Staff App.

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Control Center

Manage store settings and staff accounts and view performance metrics all in one place, on any device.

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Order Ahead

Customers can place orders at in-store service counters, restaurants, food trucks, and more. Works with the mobile checkout app, or standalone from a kiosk or microsite.

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Loss Prevention

A multilayered loss prevention system prevents abuse of self scanning capabilities by shoppers and staff.

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Marketing Tools

Increase sales with weekly specials in the app, coupons, loyalty, personalized recommendations and in-store navigation.

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