Platform Benefits

Benefits for Shoppers

Save Time

Giving shoppers more control over the length of their trip to the store lets them get more time out of their day. Time is something precious that we can't buy and can never get back.

Track Your Total

Knowing the price of your basket before checkout makes keeping to a budget easier and less stressful.

Take Better Advantage of Specials

In app specials are much easier to take advantage of than the circular. Get a notification at home when specials change, save the specials you want and get a reminder about the next time you shop.

Discover New Favorite Products

Smart recommendations appear when you scan items, often things you're already looking for and just in time to add them to your basket.

Get Customer Service Satisfaction

Get instant help through the app or reply to receipt emails with questions about a purchase - easier than tweeting the problem or filling out a paper card.

Never Worry about Receipts

With receipts organized in the app and copies emailed after every purchase they're easy to store and share. (and greener)

Never Get Stuck in Line

Long waiting lines aren't fun - free up that time for more shopping or living instead.

Order Ahead

Why wait to place a deli order? Why wait for it to be finished? Place orders via the app / kiosk / website and getting a text when they're ready.

Leave Your Wallet

No need to bring your wallet - pay with your phone for a more streamlined experience.

Control The Timing of Your Trip

By controlling the timing of checkout you get to control how long a shopping trip takes - you can now fit a new 5 minute trip at the end of your lunch break without worrying about getting stuck.

Influence the Platform

Through the app feedback and input methods you can guide the development of future features.

Shop Without Interacting

Those who aren't in the mood to talk can pick up the necessities without being interrupted.

Save Money While You Shop

COMING SOON: Relevant manufacturer's coupons are presented and automatically applied. (Learn more on our Partners Page)

Know What You're Buying

COMING SOON: Access nutritional, allergen and other information about the products you scan.

Less Merchandise Handling

Off the shelf into the basket, off the basket onto the belt, off the belt over the scanner, off the scanner into the bag - there's a lot of handling going on in the classic checkout lane. With mobile self scanning it's shelf->bag->done.

Benefits for Merchants

Save Staff Time

Reallocate cashier time from mechanical scanning and bagging to more human-worthy tasks like customer service.

Reduce Operational Costs

Mobile self scanning is the most efficient method of checkout with less costs and labor needed than checkstands or kiosks.

Save Space

One mobile self scanning lane can handle 10 times the customers, freeing valuable front end floor space for merchandizing.

Increase Baskets

Making shopping quicker and easier results in shoppers buying more - who would have thought?

Recommend Higher Margin Products

Target recommendations by basket contents to help shoppers discover new favorites, for example recommend store brand salsa when chips are scanned.

Sell in New Ways

With mobile self scanning, order ahead and eCommerce increasing the ways you can sell increases sales.

Improve Marketing and Redemption Rates

Use new data and insights about shopper behavior to tailor your offers, increasing redemption rates and making customers happier.

Connect With Your Customer

By getting your app on your customer's phone you create a deeper connection, with more information and 2-way 24/7 access to grow your business over the long term.

Get Customers Out of Line at the Deli

With counter service systems customers don't need to wait to place or receive orders at the deli, meat counter, seafood bar etc - freeing them up to shop more.

Measure the Customer Experience

Shoppers rate their experience with 5 stars at the end of a purchase giving you a numeric tool to assess store performance.

Reach Shoppers at their Point of Decision

Communicate with shoppers in the aisle using knowledge of their shopping history, the products in their basket and the product in their hand! Reach shoppers with timely information when they're most ready to act on it.

Provide Better Customer Service

With shopper feedback through the app you can efficiently gather and respond to customers' requests while accessing relevant information about their specific shopping trip - improve the store and make customers happy at the same time.

Keep Complaints Off of Twitter & Facebook

Shoppers who don't have an outlet post their complaints publicly - give your shoppers an easier way to get in touch with you and deal with complaints one to one.

Identify and Stop Shoplifters / Sweethearters

Using the loss prevention checkpoint dishonest customers AND staff can be efficiently weeded out from the system - and, if you choose, from the store as a whole.

Keep Existing Back Office Workflows

Manage prices and transaction records in the same software you do now, the FutureProof Platform does not disturb your existing back office processes.

Earn Customer Loyalty

Offer your customers the value of time and let them reward you with your loyalty - you no longer need to buy their loyalty with discounts or points.

Differentiate From the Competition

Associate your brand with the latest and greatest in mobile shopping and demonstrate your commitment to the customer experience and leadership in the market.

Reduce Merchandise Handling

Shoppers scan and bag in one motion, reducing merchandise handling and increasing efficiency.

Clean Up Your Data

Got mislabelled or priced SKUs? The FutureProof platform identifies them for you to fix and eases the burden on all cashiers to make manual adjustments.

Save All Customers Time (not just app users)

Getting the mobile self scanning customers out of line benefits everyone else, too.

Compete with Online

Increase the convenience of in-person shopping to win back customers who've gone online. (Or offer eCommerce yourself).

Attract Time Conscious Consumers

Time can be truly invaluable - develop a reputation for saving customers time and become the clear choice for customers with more money than time.

FutureProof Your Store

Grow long term value with every shopper install, on a platform you control and can expand over the long term.

Grow Baskets with Manufacturer's Coupons

COMING SOON - automatically recommended manufacturer's coupons make happy customers and bigger baskets.

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Many equate mobile self-checkout apps with big retailers like Amazon or Sam’s Club given the size of the technology investment required. But that’s not entirely the case, as the following Stores article reports on FutureProof Retail as an emerging player in this growing market.

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Retailers have long looked for ways to improve the checkout process, but their disdain for long lines pales in comparison with how customers feel about standing around waiting to pay for their products. FutureProof Retail was launched to do something about it.

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FutureProof Retail Enables Retailers to Offer Commercial-Speed Scanning to Consumers With Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

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Mobile Scan-and-Pay technology offers many benefits to grocers beyond reduced labor costs.

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More Amazon Go stores are coming to Seattle and Los Angeles

Amazon's partly automated retail store, Amazon Go, debuted with a location in Seattle in January, but a new report suggests that expansion plans are already underway. "Multiple people familiar with the company’s plans" told Recode that Amazon could open as many as six new stores by the end of 2018.

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Chinese tech companies venture into unmanned convenience stores

Staffless stores are an emerging phenomenon in China, as e-Commerce companies big and small are investing lots of financial, technology, and product development resources in the area.

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Walmart ramps up self-checkout by letting customers ring in items while shopping

Walmart starts rolling out it's Scan & Go application at 20 Canadian locations.

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Walmart deploying tech that lets in-store shoppers check out — on their own

Walmart is expanding the deployment of its Scan & Go mobile app, which is being tested in approximately 12 stores across Northwest Arkansas, Florida, Texas and Georgia. The chain is now rolling out the app for use in at least 10 additional locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Nashville markets.

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Faster front ends: How supermarkets are speeding up checkout

Tech replaces ten items or less to help shoppers get out of the store faster

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Walmart's New Feature Makes Omnichannel Reordering Easier

Walmart's latest digital move to compete with Amazon will make reordering frequent purchases easier for its online shoppers.

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United States Mobile Self-Checkout Market 2017 - Evolving Retail Concepts and Venues

A new research report, Evolving Retail Concepts and Venues with Mobile Self-Checkout, describes different shopping approaches and integrated technology systems that are currently in use or in testing. These systems include Amazon Go, Scan & Go from Walmart and Sam's Club, Mobile Checkout from FutureProof Retail, and others.

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Amazon and Whole Foods just did traditional Grocers a big Favor

How to beat them at their own game.

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The Grocery Store Of The Future Is Mobile, Self-Driving, And Run By AI

In Shanghai, a prototype of a new 24-hour convenience store has no staff, no registers, and the whole thing is on wheels, designed to eventually drive itself to a warehouse to restock, or to a customer to make a delivery.

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Amazon Plans Artificial Intelligence-Led, Checkout-Free Grocery Stores Through Amazon Go App

Amazon may be bringing its futuristic ‘no queue’ grocery store to the U.K. after the online retail giant filed several trademark applications for Amazon Go, the app that allows consumers to bypass checkouts when they shop.

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How Amazon Plans to Become America’s Go-to Grocery Store

Having already conquered the world of online shopping, Amazon is now gearing up to go IRL where it counts: groceries.

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Wal-Mart’s ‘test lab’ a sign of the digital times for bricks-and-mortar retailer

Walmart's supercentre in Ancaster, ON will feature a host of new technological innovations, including Walmart's self-scanning solution Scan & Go.

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FutureProof Retail – The Self-Checkout Software Makes Store Shopping Much Faster

In an interview with Superb Crew, FutureProof Retail founder Di Di Chan details how the companies software solves problems for customers and retailers alike.

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Walmart Builds New High-Tech Store in Tomball

A new Walmart store in Tomball will include Walmart Scan & Go, Walmart's self-scanning mobile checkout application.

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FutureProof Retail featured in this months issue of Shopper Marketing

Read about FutureProof Retail's Mobile Checkout app on page 73 of this months edition of Shopper Marketing by the Path to Purchase institute.

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Smooth checkout process could mean grab & go will be the new norm

As Walmart takes a major step forward with its Scan & Go platforms and the Amazon Go store makes headlines, a significant upset might be coming to grocery retail now that these major players have the keys to push the grab-and-go strategy forward.

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Look inside the new, high-tech Lake Nona Walmart Supercenter

Customers at Walmart's new 190,000 square-foot Lake Nona Supercenter will be able to avoid long lines with the company's Scan & Go application.

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Walmart Scan & Go finally Android after years on the iPhone

After years of iOS exclusivity, Walmart rolled out an Android version of it's Scan & Go application. Walmart's Scan & Go enables customers to skip lines by scanning items and checking out on their smartphones. Scan & Go is currently availible at Walmart #520 in Roger, Arkansas.

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No more waiting in line at the supermarket - this major Danish retailer has launched self-checkout with your smartphone

Coop recently launched it's first six stores with a new self checkout concept across Denmark in both small and large cities. The concept enables customers to scan products and checkout with their phone, skipping the line.

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How Amazon Go will transform the grocery experience

The online behemoth's register-free store disrupts the landscape, but does more convenience take away from what food shopping has always been?

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Evolve or perish: The grocery store of 2017

The singular format, traditional brack-and-mortar supermarket may soon be a relic of the past as retailers must adapt to changing consumer demands or risk becoming obsolete.

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'Supermarket of the Future' opens in Italy

Italy’s largest supermarket chain, Coop Italia, has opened what it is calling the “Supermarket of the Future” near Milan. The concept features extensive use of technology to improve the shopping experience.

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Scottsboro Public Library now has a self checkout system

The Scottsboro public library has implemented a new self-checkout system allowing customers to skip the line while checking their books in and out.

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Panasonic checkout machine also bags your items

Panasonic's new Regirobo concept automatically detects and bags items, creating a seamless shopping experience at it's pilot location in Osaka, Japan.

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Why Rebecca Minkoff Is Adding Self-Checkout to SoHo Store

Rebecca Minkoff's move to adopt mobile self-checkout was designed to increase convenience, attract millenial shoppers, and put customers back in charge of their own time.

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2016 Disruptors: The App

Sure, the app — and grocery apps in particular — have been around pretty much since smartphones first came on the market. However, new innovations promise to upend how consumers shop and how retailers interact with their customers.

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Amazon Go is a grocery store with no checkout lines

The online shopping giant Amazon unveiled Amazon Go today, it's spin on brick and mortar retail. Using advanced technology the store will allow users to enter, sign in with the Amazon go app, fill up their baskets, and walk out without stopping to checkout.

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Three Reasons Retailers Should Fear Amazon Go

Amazon’s YouTube video introducing its Amazon Go convenience store shows that the company has broken conventional supermarket wisdom and that its foray into food is one traditional retailers should fear.

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Self-Checkout Comes To High Fashion

High fashion powerhouse Rebecca Minkoff unveiled self-checkout at the company's flagship store. The system will allow customers to buy everything from $200 handbags to $1,500 jackets totally autonomously.

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Self-checkout app adds convenience at California Fresh Market

California Fresh Market's newest location in San Luis Obispo features FutureProof Retail's radical new mobile self checkout solution.

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Grocery shopping experience evolves with new technologies, services

Whether consumers are ordering their groceries online, picking them up at curbside, or shopping in store, it's clear that technology is fundamentally redifining the shopping experience.

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M-commerce transforming retail point of sale

Lines blur between shopping and payment channels as America goes increasingly mobile.

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Walmart's Sam's Club Scan-and-Go App May Make Cash Registers Obsolete

Sam's Club, a subsidiary of Walmart, recently launched its Scan-and-Go application in all 645 U.S. stores. Scan-and-Go enables customers to shop and checkout from their mobile devices without waiting on lines.

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Tesco extends scan-as-you-go retail technology in UK stores.

Tesco, the UK's largest retailer, announced it's plan to roll out it's "Scan as you Shop" service to an additional 20 locations. Scan as you Shop is currently availible at 350 Tesco locations, and used by more than 600,000 customers every week.

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Mobile apps are growing rapidly in this one area

Mobile order-ahead through applications is increasing at an exponential rate, and will be a $38 bilion dollar industry by 2020.

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This automated store in Sweden doesn't have any human employees — only a smartphone app

At Robert Ilijason's convenience store in Viken, Sweden, you won't find a single cashier. The store is entirely unmanned, with patrons using their smartphones or tablets to enter and purchase goods.

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Your phone could soon liberate you from supermarket lines

A new application, unveiled at the 2016 National Retail Foundation trade show, allows consumers to scan items and pay with their phones.

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Meet the Supermarket of the Future

Supermarkets are in the beginning of a retail revolution that will focus on enhancing consumer experiences, enabling customers to order their groceries for pickup, and innovating technologically so that shoppers can skip lines and check themselves out.

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Self-Checkout Begins to Take Hold in Japan

Japanese businesses continue to agressively roll out self checkout solutions, a solution to the countries aging population and shortage of workers willing to take jobs as cashiers.

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Why the Future of Retail Will Blow Your Mind

Emerging retail technologies will allow brick-and-mortar retailers to compete with the personalization and convenience provided by online shopping for the first time.

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Supermarkets harness technology to speed checkout lines

Every year Supermarkets cope with increasing overhead, labor costs, and decreasing margins. One company hopes to solve this problem with a combination of mobile self scanning, targeted offers, and store based predictive analytics.

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Canadians have no time to wait at the checkout

TD Canada Trust announces a mobile payment solution in responce to research showing that the majority of Canadian's hate waiting in line to pay.

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The Future of Retail Checkout: No Checkout at All?

The coming transformation in retail payments will involve more technology and less human interaction.

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Mobile Barcode Scanning is a Win-Win

The ubiquity of mobile devices have enabled many retailers to develop mobile shopping apps. The best of these apps include software-based barcode scanning, adding value for consumers and saving retailers money.

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Forget the haters. Grocery self-checkout is awesome.

Self checkout systems are a vital component of the multichannel grocery store of the future. Providing unique solutions for specific customer needs, and working synergistically with existing points of sale.

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Do-It-Yourself Checkout: Love It or Hate It, Barcode Scanning Is In Your Future

While conventional self checkout kiosks offer both upsides and downsides to consumers, more than half of people surveyed reported that they prefered self checkout.

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Cashier or Smartphone: Which Do You Prefer?

Despite initial reservations, retailers are embracing mobile self checkout and consumers are beginning to welcome the added value.

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Man vs. Machine

For all the rumors of self checkouts demise, the number of self checkout locations in North America is on the rise. Consumers are asking for more self checkout, and stores are benefiting. Stores are even beginning to experiment with mobile smartphone based self checkout.

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Self-Checkout Benefits Retailers and Consumers

Self Checkout is gaining popularity in the U.K. after a similar trend in the U.S. The new technology benefits consumers, retailers, and even improves shrinkage.

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