FutureProof Retail Unveils Self-Install Kit, Mobile Checkout More Accessible Than Ever

FutureProof Retail (FPR), a U.S.-based mobile software provider, announced today the roll-out of a self-install kit for their revolutionary application, Mobile Checkout.

Mobile Checkout is an easy-to-use, white labeled shopping app that merchants can offer to their customers. With this app in hand, customers shop as usual, but scan items as they are placed in the cart. Once the shopping trip is complete, the consumer simply pushes a ‘check out’ button, and pays via their smartphone, credit/debit card, or Apple Pay.

With numerous deals on the table, MobileCheckout is poised for international adoption. A concern for independent and small-retailers however has been the installation cost that accompanies such a system. FutureProof has eliminated this concern by creating the industry’s first self-install kit for a mobile checkout platform.

The MobileCheckout self-install kit contains individualized instructions, checkout beacons & cameras, iBeacons for the store entrance, mounting hardware, checkout code signs and more. The set-up takes 1-2 hours and is confirmed and activated remotely by FPR staff. Phone support for the entire process is available if needed, and step by step install instructions are available at mobilecheckoutkit.com.

The cost of self-install is part of an overall engagement fee, which is approximately 80% cheaper than a traditional self checkout and 400% as effective. This is an incredibly effective way for single stores and independent grocers to field their own competitive mobile platforms. The self install kit also brings mobile checkout within reach of pop-up shops, food trucks, festivals and workplaces.

About FutureProof Retail

Established and based in New York, NY, FPR is comprised of award winning software engineers and business developers. FutureProof Retail was founded by a group of impatient shoppers, and brings a unique focus to ease­of­use in mobile checkout systems. The FPR-team’s expertise in past endeavors has earned significant accolades in the AppStore and across a variety of industries. For more information, please visit www.futureproofretail.com.