The platform is flexibily designed in order to make new integrations, embedding inside other apps and extending with new features easy.

The platform's ability to grow and interface with other systems is why we call it FutureProof. Built on a modern cloud architecture and offering flexible APIs the platform can be connected to a variety of external systems, including point of sale, loyalty, back office, analytics and marketing software. The shopper and staff apps can also be extended with custom features which can be developed using standard web technologies by a retailer's own team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about our existing app?

Retailers who have existing apps have three choices when deploying a FutureProof white-label:

  1. Replace the existing app. FutureProof will work with the retailer to submit the whitelabel as an udpate to the existing app. Customers who have the existing application will be prompted by their device to update the application and will download the new FutureProof white-label in it's place. This is recommended for retailers who's applications do not provide unique functionality or are under-performing.
  2. Cross-link the apps. The FutureProof white-label app will be submitted to the app stores along side the existing application, and an easy link added to the FutureProof white-label that allows 1 tap switching into the existing application. This is recommended for retailers who's existing application is popular and provides unique capabilities, for example eCommerce ordering. Customers of the FutureProof app will be able to switch into the existing application to order for delivery with 1 tap, and switch back when purchasing in the store.
  3. Embed the white-label in the existing app. The platform is designed in such a way to allow it to be embedded in existing applications. This option allows a retailer with a critical application to insert any of the FutureProof white-label's capabilities into their application. As the FutureProof team may need to make changes to suit the specifics of each situation this option is by special arrangement only.

How can new features be added to the FutureProof white-label?

Many new features can be added by retailers or third parties via the custom screen API. New features will appear as side menu options in the shopper application and are implemented via mobile web technologies. Contact engineering@futureproofretail.com for a technical discussion.

How do payments work?

The FutureProof platform arranges direct payment between customer and merchant via a growing list of payment partners that currently includes Stripe, Braintree and WorldPay. All our payment partners provide PCI Level 1 security and, through tokenization, keep both the merchant and FutureProof outside of PCI scope.

Merchants can pick the payment partner they prefer, and FutureProof integrates new partners in response to merchants' requests. FutureProof never takes a spif or other incentive from payment partners.

What POS / Back Office systems is FutureProof compatible with?

FutureProof is compatible with any POS and back office system that allows for the exporting of product information and the importing of transaction data (pretty much all). A retailer's IT can provide the product information in any format and FutureProof will handle the translation. Similarly, FutureProof will provide transaction data back to a retailer's IT group in the format of their choice - so unless a retailer has lost control over their core data their system will be compatible with FutureProof.