I Hate Waiting in Line

Mobile Checkout
Eliminate the Lines

Mobile Checkout is an iOS and Android app, a better system than self checkout for the complete shopping experience from scan to payment.

Scan Products

Customers scan and bag while shopping.

Mobile Payment

Secure payment collected through the app.

Skip the Line

Mobile checkout customers never wait in line.

Not your Typical

  1. Reach your Customer Anywhere

    Bring your customer back. Push specials and offers to their phone or email at just the right time.

  2. Bigger Baskets with Higher Profits

    We use real time and historical data to recommend private label and additional items to grow baskets and profits.

  3. More Throughput; Less Overhead

    Customers do the work of a cashier making your staff more efficient. No need to add checkstands or invest in self checkout kiosks.


Loved it! There were huge lines and I was in a hurry today. I was able to download the app, scan my item, checkout, and scan the code on the way out the door - all in less than a minute. I don't think the lines moved much at all in that time. Thanks for providing an incredible service, and developing a slick application!
Mike V. Shopper
LOVE the mobile checkout. I have been telling others about it who don’t normally shop at CA Fresh; it is a selling point for your store. :-) It works great when you have a couple items and you just want to get in and out quickly.
Madeleine Shopper
Watching customers interact with the app was so gratifying, they were just giddy with the ease and simplicity of changing the least fun aspect of grocery shopping, mainly the interminable waiting in line to checkout.
Alfred Holzheu President, El Rancho Marketplace
I truly appreciate the lengths you and your company have gone to to ensure our experience is a good one.
Cassandra M. Shopper
It was really cool! Its a super easy app and its great for if youre in a rush and cant wait in line.
Pearl K. Shopper
I thought Express Checkout was really good and easy.
Christopher L. Shopper
Really liked it. Quick and easy! Just need more stores to get onboard.
Kevin H. Shopper
I enjoyed the express checkout very much, I'll definitely use it again.
Thomas B. Shopper
Very easy and everyone was very helpful.
Terry F. Shopper
Great idea! I have only used the app for the one transaction for now but I hope to see this system rolled out to many other stores.
Jason B. Shopper
Was great, will totally do it again!!!!
Jill W. Shopper
It was fun. Easy to use. So much easier for checker. I'll do it again.
Randy S. Shopper
It works quite well, has a clean UI and is intuitive, nicely done! ... I appreciate the fact my local market is implementing technology into their shopping experience.
Chris M. Shopper
It was simple to use, easy to set up and was an overall good experience.
Jay B. Shopper


Introducing the Mobile Checkout Self Installation Kit

New self install kit contains everything needed to provide mobile checkout, payment, customer service and loss prevention. read more